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Osteomimic aims to reduce the need for animal models in the osteoporosis drug discovery process. Our coating technology is the basis for an in vitro bone formation and resorption assay that allows drug candidates to be tested in real time and in high throughput. This dramatically reduces the cost and improves the speed of discovery process.

Das Glim Skin Gründer Team von links nach rechts, Dr.-Ing. Friederike Kogelheide, Manuel Schröder

Glim Skin offers a portable cosmetic device for anyone suffering from skin blemishes that provides an innovative, natural and effective solution through the use of cold plasma. It enables all users to take charge of their own skin care and improve their quality of life by enhancing their well-being.

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DocToDash offers AI medical documentation assistance for patients and physicians. We create secure clean health dashboards for everyone.


With our company MeiCla Design, we offer individual and knowledge-oriented design solutions for the medical and educational sectors. From surgical guides for children based on the latest scientific findings to classic practice design, we develop project-specific, creative concepts and designs.


TrustedMed offers a secure, trustworthy and innovative online video consultation platform that brings practitioners and patients together. Through its innovative model, TrustedMed enables a holistic quality video consultation.