The incubator Health+ is linked to two new RUB research apparatuses for protein diagnostics and neuroscience and cognitive science. Our close cooperation with other incubators (Cube5, Materials, smartsystems, and Start4Chem) and access to unique infrastructure for advising and supporting founders that is the RUB Makerspace provide you with the essential know-how and facilities to test out your start-up ideas. We are currently working to expand our network for more comprehensive support at each and every level of the entrepreneurial process.

Led by Prof. Dr. Christian Klaes, Klaes Lab has top-level expertise in human
and monkey brain-machine interfaces. It currently focuses on the use brain-machine interfaces in control of devices, designing advanced neural analysis methods for controlling human hand exoskeleton (REXO). Well-equipped in VR, EEG and through collaborations, invasive neural interfaces, the lab maintains a broad network of collaboration within RUB and external collaborations with Caltech, Ruhr University of Applied Sciences (Iossifidis Lab) and Snap Gmbh, among others.

Connected to the medical faculty of Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), the University Hospitals of RUB (UK RUB) offer the highest level of medical expertise to treat over 600,000 patients annually. As a major employer of 8,000 full-time workers and 1,400 medical students in clinical training, UK RUB connects 8 hospitals in a decentralised manner.

The Wordfactory Start-up Center (WSC) of the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) aims to strengthen the start-up culture at the university and facilitate more spin-offs on campus. Made up of a 32-member team, the WSC works to unleash the potential of knowledge and technology-based start-ups with special skills and customised consulting approaches.

The RUB Makerspace is a unique place for teaching and experimentation. The former Opel administration building will offer 1,800 m² of development space for students from all disciplines will soon have the opportunity to put their (start-up) ideas into practice. Once completed, the RUB Makerspace will be one of the largest academic teaching and experimentation spaces in Germany.